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Green and Home –
complete website

I rewrote the website for Sydney garden and lawn maintenance company Green and Home. Their existing website didn’t adequately reflect their market, so I used lush words and evocative phrases to better convey the exclusive nature of the services they offer.


Peaceful Hub – About page

Brighton business Peaceful Hub engaged me to rewrite the About page for their website. They wanted a page that better represented what their business had to offer both clients and practitioners. I ensured that the page reflected a consistent message of wellness and spirituality.


Rose Kelly Real Estate

Rose Kelly asked me to rewrite her company’s description to better match the overall messaging she wants to convey. The brief was to create copy that highlights the personal touch and passion for real estate she offers to every client.

The University of Queensland

As a publications officer at The University of Queensland, I write engaging and well-researched feature articles, and design captivating digital layouts

Call the midwife…

Did you know that in order to graduate, UQ midwifery students must follow 20 expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy and complete 30 hands-on births? It’s a highly demanding degree, and UQ students are dedicated to gaining the most experience they can before entering the workforce.
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The invisible perils of female success

Women appointed to precarious leadership positions can suffer from being placed on a ‘glass cliff’ – UQ Professor Alex Haslam helped identify the phenomenon, and has spent over a decade researching its causes and ways to combat it. Read more

All creatures great and
very, very small

UQ researchers are changing how we view some of the smallest aspects of the world, from the relationships between different bacteria to the very foundations of animal life. Read more

Breath of life

By the time the cough starts, it’s already too late.

Coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), or black lung, is a potentially fatal, irreversible lung disease caused by breathing in coal mine dust. Read more